Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events 

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Beyond Bob: Min Specs for
Making Decisions in Small Governing Boards
-- online, Wednesday August 14, 2024, 5 PM Central Daylight Time

Many non-profit governing boards cite Roberts Rules as their standard for running meetings. But merely referring to Roberts Rules can create problems for a board that doesn't know how to use them well.

First, we’ll explore both the advantages and potential problems of using Robert's rules. Then, we'll use the Liberating Structure "Min Specs" to identify the absolute minimum rules needed for a small governing board to make decisions.

This is an experimental session hosted by the Washington DC Liberating Structures Community of Practice.  All are welcome!  We'd love to have you come join the fun!  Register here.

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AIPG member Town Hall
-- September 19, 2024, 4 PM Central time

Members of the American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG), do you want to improve engagement in your AIPG section?

In this Town Hall, we’ll take a good look at what you are already doing and consider how you could invite members to participate more in your section’s activities and to engage with each other. 

Using an easy, effective and fun planning tool, you will:
-- View, organize and prioritize what your section is doing
-- Identify obstacles and opportunities for progress
-- Choose next steps to improve member engagement

AIPG members: no need to register, just log into the AIPG website, find the event and join using the link provided! 


 Coming soon!  

  • RestUP: How you can get just a little more rest -- Learn about different types of rest, take a rest inventory, and make a plan to get just a little more rest. 90 minutes. Summer 2024. 
  • Transitions and New Beginnings -- Our next scheduled Transitions retreats are February 7-9, 2024 at Moon Beach Camp near St. Germain, Wisconsin and April 4-6, 2025 at St. Anthony's Spirituality Center near Wausau Wisconsin. Can't wait till then? Contact us to offer one for any group of 6 to 18 persons.  We also offer day retreats on the same topic. 

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