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Tired of boring, frustrating and unproductive meetings?

Stop struggling to lead better meetings 
Stop letting bad meetings delay your progress 
Start getting better results!

Lead meetings, workshops and events with skill and confidence!

Collaborate and make a difference
Invite everyone to shape the outcome
Be seen and recognized as a leader


 Barb Bickford

I'm Barb Bickford, founder of Improve Your Meetings, where we aim to help you collaborate and lead with confidence so you can make a difference.  

As a former staff scientist in the public sector, I saw how... 

-- poorly-led meetings led to tenuous results, 
-- fear of conflict kept people from sharing their best ideas, and 
-- top-down decisions would be challenged or sabotaged by people who felt left out.

In turn, these meetings...

-- created unnecessary stress
-- strained relationships. and 
-- delayed implementation of our mission. 

In time, I grew to be well-known for helping people to work together on challenging and emerging issues.

Now I help people like you transform their meetings and their personal leadership too!

What the lack of effective collaboration
is doing to your mission, your team and yourself
-- just isn't right!

Are you ready... be seen and respected as a leader? get more done in less time? advance your career? find more purpose in your work? help your team work together better?

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How we help you improve your meetings

Through our events and consulting services, we support people like you
who want 
to develop themselves and their leadership 

Events for Individuals

Our courses, workshops and retreats will support you as a leader and as a person

and help you improve things that are integral to improving meetings, including:

-- who you are (your values, skills and attitudes)

-- what you're doing (your goals and tasks)

-- how you're doing it (the meeting activities you lead) 

-- where you are (your context) and

-- who you're working with (your group).

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Consulting Services for Organizations

We also design and lead meetings, retreats, workshops and trainings
for organizations. 
To learn more about our consulting services,
visit the Bickford Collaboration website.

 "Barb has a combination of skill and soul, knowledge and wisdom,
and integrity and compassion so rarely found together in one."

– Alfredo Sotomayor, laboratory manager

Photo credit: Darin Harris

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